A red carpet

While out for dinner with some friends a little while back, I was presented with an interesting design challenge.  Our friends are expecting their third child and are planning to turn their spare room/guest space into a nursery until daughter #3 is old enough to join the older girls in the “big girl” room.  The nursery will therefore be temporary.  The design challenge?  The room has bright red carpet!

My friend asked what I would do with the space since they don’t want to get rid of the red carpet.  And I have to admit, this one had me stumped for a little while.  But I got to thinking: if there’s something in a space that isn’t exactly what you want but you don’t have the time/money/ability/will to change it, you have two options.

1) cover it up

2) embrace it!

At first I couldn’t think of a way to make red carpet “work” in a nursery setting, but then I got to thinking about the combination of light blue with pops of red (sort of like what I’m thinking of in our new dining room) and an idea started to form in my head.  Here’s the inspiration slide/mood board I came up with for the room:

The idea would be to embrace the red carpet by letting it be a strong design element in the room, but not let it overwhelm the space by painting the walls a light blue and bringing in lots of white in the form of curtains and a nice fluffy rug or two (like this IKEA one).  The fun mix of whimsical fabrics I put in would help to tie the space together and bring in some personality to the space.  I’d use these to make bedding for the crib, pillows for the rocker, or anything else soft the room would need (this particular friend happens to be quite handy with a sewing machine).  And I’d find other ways to bring that bold red color into the room, like the adorable red “creature” lamp!

I don’t think this is the route our friends will actually go with the space, but it was still a fun design exercise anyway.  It will be exciting to see what the do end up doing with the space!


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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