Dining room progress: feeling lighter?

As some of you saw from the sneak peek in this post, we have finally painted our dining room!  This re-do has been an ongoing project that is an effort to both update the space (which we’ve barely touched in five years) and make it more functional.  Painting was the first major step, and luckily DH and I are thrilled with how it has turned out.

To recap, this is what the dining room looked like just a few short months ago:

And how it looked once we we re-arranged the furniture a bit to make it more functional for life with a baby:

I then came up with this new layout:

And this new design scheme:

And now we’re one step closer to making this dream a reality with two coats of Olympic’s Turquoise Mist:

Sadly, I waited all weekend for some good light to take some pics, but it was cloudy all three days!  I’ll be sure to update with some sunnier pics as soon as I can though.  Here are a few more before and after pics so you can start to get the idea:





Even with the cloudy day, you can still see that it is much lighter in the room!  It also helped that I removed two of the curtain panels to allow more of the sheers to show.  The room also feels much larger–which is always nice in a small space like ours!

Next on the agenda?  Putting together the IKEA Besta shelving we picked up this weekend.  My idea with the Besta shelving is to replace the black cabinet (which you can see in the picture above) with wall-to-wall shelving so that we can store more in the dining room without taking up more space.  Want another sneak peek?  Here’s the mockup we were able to do on IKEA’s website using their Besta planning tool:So there’s lots of hard work ahead for DH and I–there are currently 18 boxes strewn about our tiny condo just waiting for us to get our allen wrench on.  I just hope all my plans actually come together in the end!  Wish us luck…

2 thoughts on “Dining room progress: feeling lighter?

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