(Easy!) Personalized Art for the Nursery

We finally have some “art” up on the nursery walls!  Hooray!  Not that there was nothing on the wall before–we did already have this cute bird print we picked up at a craft fair last summer:

And the printable I made for the newly updated changing area:

But the largest expanse of walls in the room have remained embarrassingly bare.  In my last nursery post I unveiled our newly painted walls (to match the backs of the built-ins), and you can see just how bare they look when you first walk into the room:

I had originally thought about doing some kind of wall collage with lots of different sizes of white frames, but I really just wasn’t feeling that kind of look for right above the crib.  I think it would have felt too cluttered when you first walked into the room.  So I opted for something simpler–three frames of the same size, each with one of Sydney’s initials:

This was a gloriously simple project, which really makes me love the result that much more.  All I did was cut our her initials, tape them with a small piece of tape to a piece of scrap-booking paper, and pop them into the frames.  What could be simpler?

Here’s another angle of the newfangled wall art:

And here’s a close-up!

What I love so much about this–other than that I finally havesomething up on that wall–is the way the paper I used picks up on the wall color, and also brings in the darker teal color as well.  It helps tie the color scheme for the room together a bit more, and goes great with the darker teal on the ceiling fan shade I installed recently, which you can see in this pic:

And the price?  Free.  Yep, that’s right!  I was able to make this from materials I already had at home!  (I did buy the frames sometime last year with the intent of using them somehow in the nursery, but  they are IKEA frames so they were pretty inexpensive.)  I just love how setting something into a frame with white matting takes something so simple and makes it look so lovely and “finished!”

What do you think?  Do you have other nursery art suggestions?  Have you made any personalized art lately?


6 thoughts on “(Easy!) Personalized Art for the Nursery

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