Two more Bs at the 2BB: Besta + Banquette

It has finally happened: the dining room now has banquette seating!  This dining room re-do has been a rather large undertaking (see the original inspiration for it here and here), but I’m happy to report that we now have all the major players in their places, and even though we still have some finishing touches to add, the room has already done some entertaining!  When I last posted about this makeover, we had just put together the wall of Besta storage from IKEA that took our dining room from this:

To this:

Since that time, our banquette seating arrived from Ballard Designs–the same day that I found the perfect table on Craigslist!  It was quite an adventure to get everything arranged into the new space, but once we set everything in place, we loved how much more floor space we suddenly had in the room!  Here’s a shot of the two new Bs (Besta + Banquette) with the “new” Craigslist table:

You can see in this shot even better all the new floor space we have now:

I must rave for a few minutes about my wonderful Craigslist find–this table is very sturdy and well made, AND it has a leaf to accommodate larger parties.  What’s more, it came with six very sturdy Windsor chairs–all for only $150!  This is definitely where I saved the most money, but I love love love the table.  I do (no surprise) plan to refinish to a darker shade to really make it pop against the banquette, but for now she still looks pretty darn pretty.  Oh, I think the chairs are going to my mother’s house–her dining room chairs definitely need replacing after withstanding abuse from four children!  The great thing about this circular table is that it is perfect for the three of us (we can pull the high chair right up next to one of us) but it also easily accommodates the two other dining room chairs when we have guests–all we do is pull them up to the table!  And, I must say, the banquette seating is so comfortable that I’m tempted to take post-brunch naps there on lazy weekend mornings!

The other major change is that we (DH, to be more specific) installed some lovely pulls on the Besta shelving.  I went with some very shiny Martha Steward knobs that I fell in love with immediately when we were shopping for pulls at Home Depot.  Here’s a closer-up look at these beauties:

See how shiny?  Here’s another shot from the other side of the room:

So there you have it–our almost finished dining room!  We still have to add some final details like a rug, and possibly some new curtains, and as I mentioned I’m planning to re-finish the table at some point.  And there are plenty of nit-picky things I’d like to work on.  But for now we’re really enjoying watching Sydney enjoy all the floor space for practicing crawling and playing with toys while we cook meals.  We’re so thrilled that our plan has finally become reality–it was definitely work all the blood/sweat/tears/trips to IKEA.  Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Two more Bs at the 2BB: Besta + Banquette

  1. This is fabulous. I have enn planning this in my head and was glad to see your pictures so I could show my husband to see the cabinets I wanted in our dining room. I have a question for you. In the center section are those two bigger drawers under two smaller drawers or are those doors under the drawers. The Ikea website doesn’t show everything and I wanted to get it all planned correctly before I drive all the way to the store. Thanks!

    • Great question Kim! In the center the bottom sections are doors, not drawers. I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t an option to do drawers at the very bottom. I hope that helps! Let me know how it turns out!


  2. Thanks! I bought all the bottom sections today. I don’t think they still make the longer glass doors anymore. At least I didn’t see them today. I was in a hurry so I will have to look more closely when we get the rest of the cabinets. W were going to get the longest length cabinets but our van quit running so I am going to stack shorter ones since those fit in our cars.

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