A few weeks ago we celebrated our little Sydney’s first birthday with a “Sydney in One-derland”-themed tea party with friends and grandma.  I liked the idea of doing a tea party and DH has always loved the Alice in Wonderland story, so we both fell in love with the idea for our little one’s first birthday.  Our first order of business was getting the invites out.  We ordered a lovely custom design from LemonadeDesignStudio (via Etsy) that served as the color scheme inspiration for the entire event–fuchsia and light aqua:

We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on her fete, but I really wanted it to be a great memory for us all, so I tried to shop and plan wisely for the event and tried to bring the theme and color scheme in wherever I could.  On a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics I picked up a small stack of fat quarters (half in aqua, half in fuchsia) in different prints and on a trip to Michaels I bought several sheets of scrapbooking paper–again, with several different designs.  Although I wanted to keep the color scheme streamlined, I didn’t want everything to be too match-y, so I I enjoyed picking out a variety of patterns for the fabric and paper.

A close friend was able to come early and take some pictures of everything before the rest of the guests arrived, and I thought they would be fun to share here.  With her fancy camera these turned out so much better than I could have ever dreamed!  I’ve got to get her to give me lessons…and put a nice camera on my wish list!  Here are a few of her shots from before the guests descended.

We did a mimosa bar (most of our guests were not children!) with Alice in Wonderland-themed mimosa recipes:

In addition to the mimosas, we had coffee and tea (it was a tea party, after all!) and bottled water, which helped carry our Wonderland theme with the addition of “drink me” tags:

We also brought in the theme as guests entered:

I made a “smash cake” for Sydney to enjoy (her first cake ever!) using a giant cupcake mold.  I didn’t really know how to decorate it nor did I trust my hand to do anything very fancy, so I decided to just do some free-form polk-dots, and I actually love how it turned out!

And luckily, Sydney loved how it tasted:

In an effort to keep things simple, we didn’t have a cake for guests, but instead opted for some custom cookies (from Sari’s Sweets) that our guests could take home as party favors.  We had her do tea cups in the colors of the party, some with 1’s and some with S’s:

Here’s a shot of the food table:

We bought a bunch of stems of fuchsia peonies at the local farmers market, and put 1-2 stems in lots of different vases throughout the  house.  They were just lovely!

Here’s a few shots once guests arrived.  In this shot you can see that I used some of the fabric to make a few pillows to go on the banquette (which we re-arranged to be in front of the windows):

Finally, here’s a shot of Sydney and me as she opened her many generous gifts!

Thanks to our wonderful friends for making this day so perfect for little Sydney, and a special thanks to Lauren for the beautiful photos–and to grandma for coming to town for the weekend to help!  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “One-derland

    • It was! It made the dining room nice and open and was a great place for people to sit and chat while not feeling in the way. We’ll definitely do that arrangement again next time we try to cram 20+ people into our place!

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