Another (DIY) shade-y character

I’ve really been on a roll with blog posts about window treatments these days!  A little while back I posted about our new shade in our bedroom:

Any my last post covered my latest Pinterest Challenge–a faux roman shade for our still-in-progress kitchen re-do:

So I thought it was high time I finally posted about another roman shade that I made a while back for the nursery.  I had avoided posting about it because it seemed like one of those cursed projects from the beginning, and once I finally got it to a post-worthy state, I was exhausted from thinking about it!  I’ll spare you every last detail and will try to concisely explain the saga.

I knew as soon as I came up with the perfect plan for the nursery (okay, the second perfect plan) that I really wanted another shade for the nursery, in part to provide extra light blocking in the room and in part because I fell in love with this great brown geometric fabric for the room. I knew it provided the perfect contrast to the sweetness of the rest of the space.  For reference, this is the inspiration board I created for the room that I’ve been working off:

As an avid Pinterest-er, I had come across several brilliant ideas for DIYing window shades, which was an idea I was totally on board with after getting a quote for an inexpensive roman shade for the window of over $350!

My first attempt was made using this shade tutorial, which is a roller shade that you just cover with fabric:

I was convinced that this was the perfect easy and cheap solution to all my problems…until I actually made and installed the shade that is.  The fabric weighed down the shade so much that it was completely non-functional.  I was also way too giant when it was rolled up, so it didn’t fit at all!  I think this is still a great idea, but only if you a) use a lightweight fabric (I used indoor/outdoor fabric–bad idea!), b) do it for a small window, and c) don’t plan to use the shade all that often.

Not wanting to waste the money I hand already invested in the great fabric, I turned to another tutorial I was convinced would work–this one using miniblinds as the skeleton of a roman shade:

And it looked perfect…until I actually installed it, that is!  Apparently I did not use the right kind of glue and the whole thing basically fell apart as soon as I tried to use it once.  Cue the very sad music.  I left it up and just had it just be decorative for about a month and let myself lick my wounded shade-making ego, and then decided to pick myself up and try again, this time with fabric glue.

And you know what?  Third time really is the charm!  We now have a functional shade for the nursery in the perfect fabric.  And it only took 2 months and three tries!  So without further ado, please meet the latest shade-y character to join our home:

Here’s a shot from the door as you enter the room:

I love how much the shade really completes the space–this is what the window looked like previously (before the repainting and new shade):

And now:

Ahhh, much better!  I’d love to incorporate a few other touches of brown in the room (maybe polka dots??), but for now, I’m just so happy the shade is finally up and that it is everything I dreamed it would be.  Okay, one more pic for the road:

Thanks for joining me on the adventure re-cap!  Have you tried any DIY window treatments lately?  Do share!



7 thoughts on “Another (DIY) shade-y character

  1. This is so amazingly adorable!! We’re moving very soon so I get to redo the nursery! (8 month old baby girl) and I reallllly want window seats in every area of the house, so in addition to the shade (great job and I’m impressed that you tried THREE times!) I pinned this for the window seat 🙂

    • Oh how exciting! We love the window seat–such a great use of space in a small room! If you do one like we did, I’d pay close attention to the sides of the bookshelves–there is a little lip that sticks out and makes it a bit less comfortable that it could be. Having the pillows there makes it okay, but if I were to re-do it, I’d make sure it was flush on the sides. Let me know if you end up doing it! Good luck 🙂 -G

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