Seeing White

I’ve been trying to get the nursery to place where I feel like it is really “done”–as much as it can be, at least, with a little girl who continues to grow up at an alarming rate!  Although we had a plan for the nursery before she was born, we’ve tweaked it quite a bit since then!  So far, we’ve painted the nursery from green:

to aqua:

and recently added this DIY roman shade which added some character and geometric pattern (and a nice brown color to compliement the aqua!):

And everything felt almost perfect, but one thing that was bothering me was the fabulous (and free!) side table I had painted last summer.  I had used the same aqua color that is now on the walls, so it really didn’t pop at all against the wall, but just looked like a weird mistake.  So I decided it was time to repaint…and I knew that I couldn’t go wrong with white paint!  Not that I want the entire room to match, but there are already a lot of patterns and textures going on in the room, so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t too much competition in this tiny room!

So I took the table from looking like this:

To this:

To, finally, this!

At the same time I decided to paint the table white, we were playing with the layout of the room a bit more, and decided to swap the glider for the IKEA chair that had been in our living room since Sydney was learning to walk and the glider was really messing her up because it was so wiggly!  Since that meant that the ottoman that goes with the glider went too, there was suddenly an open space beneath the mirror I had refinished that needed something.  I then remember a small bookshelf/table that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale before we even moved to Chicago over 5 years ago.  This little table was structurally sound but rather ugly, and at the time I took it home and painted it black.  It spent some time in our living room, but mostly hung out in our entry closet and held rain boots, racquetball equipment, and many other things over the years.  Now the table, which is clearly designed to hold books, could finally fulfill its destiny!   So I took it out alongside the side table and painted it white at the same time.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  And little Sydney loves that her books are now at her level:

The nursery now really does feel finished and we love hanging out in there all together.  And Sydney loves removing all the books from the bookshelf and throwing the on the floor.  At least they are just as easy to put away now!



4 thoughts on “Seeing White

    • Hi Jenny! I found that table in the storage room in the basement of our condo building–no one claimed it and a neighbor who has been here for years said the woman it had belonged to and moved away many years ago leaving it behind. It was a great free score!

      As to the cleanliness of the room–I of course cleaned up a bit before taking the picture 🙂 That said, this was before my little Sydney was super mobile. Don’t worry–it takes her less than 10 mintues in the morning to turn our entire condo into one giant playroom!!


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