Christmas in October?

I have found one thing to be very limiting in the execution of many of my design schemes: the weather.  Yes, the leaves, they are a-changing, and the weather is getting chilly—too chilly for projects the need to be done outside, like sanding and painting.  Which is why, when my sister asked me the other day what I was doing over the weekend and I said “trying to finish Sydney’s Christmas present” I had to explain myself a bit.  You see, earlier this year I picked up a well-used and loved play kitchen that was perfect for our small space, but I knew when I bought it that I needed a bit of a face-lift, and I knew I was running out of warm-enough weather to do said face-lift:

It is an older model of a Pottery Barn Kids play kitchen, and although I didn’t like the colors all that much (too much primary blue and red) I loved that it has a very narrow footprint.  Many of the other models I had looked at online (and via Craigslist) were either plastic (no thanks!) or much too large.  So when I saw this one for sale, I was pretty confident that it would be perfect once…I was able to get my hands on it.

I really wanted a kitchen that didn’t look out of place in our home, so I’ve decided to basically give Sydney a mini version of our kitchen (read more about the grownups kitchen here), complete with white cabinets and faux granite counter tops.  However, before I can get to the fun stuff, I have to address some structural issues that exist because this was, as I mentioned, well-loved by its former owners!

So far I’ve been able to make it much less wobbly, which involved taking it almost completely apart so I could access and tighten all the screws holding the hanging bar in place.  The wobbly leg turned out to only need a felt pad (the other 3 legs had them but one had worn off).  Finally, DH and I were able to get a piece of plexiglass cut to size at our local Home Depot (I seem to remember it was even less expensive than I thought it would be–around a dollar maybe?).  It took some muscle and several screwdrivers to get it in place, but now no pretend baked goods will be able to escape via a huge hole in the oven!

Next up?  Priming and painting the cabinets and counter tops.  I’m hoping that with a sponge and various shades white and black acrylic paint I can achieve a sort of faux granite finish, but I’m not sure yet how that will go–but I’ll be sure to post it here once I’m done.  Off to paint!

Have you tried a faux granite finish before?  Worked on play kitchen for your little one?



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