Wardrobe quick-change

One of the things DH and I did right away when we moved into our place was buy  each of us a full-size PAX wardrobe from IKEA.  We’ve loved them so much over the last 5 years and we’ve been very happy with their performance (do I sound like an ad for IKEA??).  They each fit our things perfectly and this way we each have our own space for our clothes, which is really nice since real his and hers closets may never be a reality for us.

The only thing after 5 years that was bugging me what that I no longer was loving the “look” of the wardrobes:

For some reason I was starting to feel like the grilles on the glass doors was just to busy and cluttered-looking.  So, I decided one night recently that it was time to say “goodbye” to all the grilles  and give the wardrobes and sleeker, cleaner look.  I was a bit nervous, especially since as I was removing them it was pretty clear that I wouldn’t be able to salvage them and put them back in if I wanted to, but I love the way the look now!

I especially like how they pick up on the similar style of closet doors we had installed when we re-did our master closet:

Just a mini update, but such a huge impact—and it was free!  Love that.

Have you made any mini or free updates recently?




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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