Jewelry storage

One thing I’ve been meaning to share on my blog for some time now is how I store my jewelry.  I have a fair amount of it, but it definitely gets used.  I love necklaces and with dressing up for work everyday, I’ve needed a way to keep all my baubles accessible and tangle-free.

Most of the necklaces and earrings that I wear often I have hanging from pearl top pins on fabric-covered cork boards, an idea that I saw a very long time ago in an issue of Real Simple (see what I mean here).  I created two boards, each of which is two corkboard squares long.  You can see them both in this  picture:

I created a little dressing nook by placing the boards on the sides of our PAX wardrobes using 3M picture hanging strips, which come off clean and have great hold.  I probably had to use a fair amount of them (maybe six per board?) but so far after 5 years neither one has budged!  The great thing about this method of storing jewelry is that it is in plain sight so I can easily see everything.  It also keeps necklaces from getting tangled, and makes putting things back a snap.  In order to keep the look streamlined, I divided each board by color–silver on the right:

and gold on the left:

Of course, not everything fits within this neat color scheme.  I also have a jewelry box on the dresser that I keep other pieces in that are either hard to store on the boards or are a bit much to keep on display all the time:

As you can see in the above pic, I also have a lovely jewelry “tree” that my husband bought me for Christmas a few years back that is a great place to showcase some of my favorite earrings, and also has a little well on the bottom to hold my watch and rings at the end of each day.  You can also see the mason jar I use for my collection of faux pearls, and the antique glass bowl from my mother that I use as a catch-all in an attempt to keep the top of the dresser tidy.  (The other, shorter, box you see on the right is DH’s “valet” which I guess is a man’s jewelry box.  He keeps his watches, tie pin, wallet, and glasses in it.)

Finally, I have some chunky and/or heave necklaces that wouldn’t work on the jewelry boards at all, and are also a bit difficult to store in the jewelry box.  Those I keep hanging in the closet on a jewelry display piece specially designed for use with slatwall (read more about the slatwall in the closet here).

Again, this keeps them easy to see and tangle-free.

What are your favorite jewelry-storage solutions?




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