We’re growing!

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while now here at 2BB: we bought a house!  It feels almost like cheating to admit it in front of our condo.  But I also feel like the stars just aligned for us to make it happen so we jumped at the opportunity.  I waited to post about it until the deal went through (on Friday!) just in case anything went wrong and we ended up not being able to purchase the house after all.

Let me first say how incredibly grateful and blessed we feel that we’re able to purchase this house.  Although we made the decision to buy a house somewhat quickly, it is something both DH and I have always wanted.  We have loved our condo so much over the past 5 years, but of course even with the best space planning, having a child can make any space start to feel cramped.  We are so excited that we will now have more space for little Sydney to run around—especially on days when the weather is just too crummy to go outside.  Plus, with more space we’ll be able to have dedicated places for work and play instead of having everything have to occur in the living room.

First, the good news:

  • the new house is still in Evanston, but just a bit further north.  It is in a great neighborhood with lots of other families, but is still walking distance to many shops and restaurants and just as close to downtown Evanston.  I can still commute via train to work.
  • We will now have three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, PLUS a large basement, AND a huge bonus room upstairs.  It is waaaaaay more space than we have now!
  • We will now have a deck, a yard, and a garage.  No more traipsing down two flights of steep steps to use the grill and no more dealing with street parking.
  • A new space means new projects and a chance to try new design ideas.

Now, the not-so-good news:

  • The. House.  Needs.  Work.  Seriously.  Think about a 60s/70s time warp: mauve carpeting, yellow wallpaper, lots of faux wood paneling (even over windows!), and a very dated kitchen.  Oh, and it needs a new roof.  And updating of the electrical system.  And lots of repairs.  Feeling overwhelmed yet?

The good news is that despite all the updates the house needs, structurally it is very sound.  It was built in 1919 and is still standing strong.  So DH and I have our work cut out for us.  We decided that as excited as we are to move, we’re going to wait until we complete some of the bigger projects before we move in so we can minimize the disruption to our lives.  So, for the next several months we’ll continue to live at our condo during the week, but will spend weekends at the new house working on projects.  I’ll still try to finish up a few condo posts in the meantime–there’s still a lot to share!

I’ll post soon with pictures and a list of projects for the new house.  Wish us luck!




7 thoughts on “We’re growing!

  1. Thank you for your sweet sweet comment. It completely made my day!
    I’m so excited for you guys that you bought a house. I’m also super excited to see your transformations! I’m a total sucker for a good before and after (as you probably figured out). Good luck!

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