Curb appeal

We’re spending a great deal of time going back and forth between our current home (our condo) and the new house.  Obviously, the new house is a long way from feeling like home:

There is so much to do before this place feels like home to us.  But this weekend we set out to make it feel a bit more “us” as we enter our new house.  A quick trip to the farmers market, a $2 garage sale score from this past summer, and a routine trip to Target later, we’re making a bit of headway!   Her is a pic of the exterior of our new house:

Clearly the exterior needs some attention, but for now, we decided to just focus on the sad-looking front stoop.

We relocated the flowerpot to the yard in front of the house, and moved the welcome mat to the garage and replaced it with this one  I picked up Target the other night.  We also purchased some $3 mums at the farmers market, and placed them in this great pot I found for $2 at a garage sale this past summer (shortly after we had put in an offer on this house!).  It isn’t much, but I think it makes a pretty big impact!

Finally, we also picked up this great green pumpkin to add to the fall feel.  You can’t see it as well as I’d like, but it still makes me smile!

Happy Fall!




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