My Pinterest Challenge: chalkboard table!

Every Spring and Fall some of the best DIY home design bloggers do a wonderful thing: they set aside a specific weekend to stop just pinning on Pinterest and start doing.  They call this the Pinterest Challenge, which is brilliant because anyone who is trying to juggle work and family (and a blog, or a pet, or whatever else you have going on) knows how doing just about anything “extra” can be a challenge.  I originally heard about this via one of my favorite blogs,,; (see more read more about the latest event here).

I took part last Fall for the first time but I wasn’t able to do the project I had originally wanted just because life happened.  This Spring I participated again and I chose  a fairly simple project–a faux roman shade that really added some polish to our kitchen.  This fall I felt very prepared and decided to tackle something I had pinned a long time ago –a chalkboard table for Sydney, inspired by this Pin:

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

I had actually purchased the ISLA round coffee table from IKEA several months ago for just this purpose, but just hadn’t taken the time to do the transformation.    Turns out it was actually my easiest Pinterest Challenge to actually execute!

I went with a custom color (rather than the pre-made stuff) but it was still quite easy.  There are tons of tutorials online for how to make your own chalkboard paint.  I just read a bunch of them, gathered my supplies, popped in Harry Potter, and got to work.  I purchased a small sample of the paint color I wanted (I think it was a dollar or two) which was perfect because it was a flat finish.  I added a  couple of tablespoons of unsanded grout and quickly applied it to the top of the table (seriously, you gotta work fast with this stuff!).  It dried quite quickly and after a quick “seasoning” with some plain white chalk, it was ready for use!  When Sydney got up in the morning and I showed her how she could now draw on the table, the wide-eyed look of wonder and excitement on her face was unforgettable!   She’s been an avid artist ever since:

Now if only we could convince her that chalk is not supposed to be consumed…

Perhaps some people may find it strange to have a chalkboard table as a coffee table in the living room, but hey, in a small space you gotta work with what you have!  I chose the table because it didn’t seem overly “kid-ish” and I thought with a good wipe-down before guests arrive, it will be hardly noticeable that the place you’re setting down your drink was earlier in the day covered with multicolored toddler scribbles.  (Plus…the chalkboard is fun for adults too!!)  But you can see in the pic below what  I mean…you hardly notice that the table is custom-made for a toddler!

Have you recently found time to do you found on Pinterest?



5 thoughts on “My Pinterest Challenge: chalkboard table!

    • Oh, she is inspired to decorate the furniture too! But also her face, her hands and arms, and often, her parents. Luckily it washes out pretty easily. My biggest concern is her desire to decorate her mouth…


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