New House Plans

A lot of people have asked me what our plan is for the new house we purchased recently, especially because we’re not living there yet!  DH and I have been strategizing about this for several months (way before we even closed!) because we knew the house needed a lot of work.  We made a comprehensive list of the major changes we wanted to see in the house and of things that needed to be updated for the safety and integrity of the house, and then divided them into “tiers” (can you tell my day job is a project manager?!?):

Tier 1

  • Down-to-the studs remodel of the kitchen, dining room, back hall, and stairs to upstairs to improve traffic flow and overall functionality
  • New roof (boring, but necessary)
  • Refinish the hardwood floors hiding beneath the 40-year-old carpeting
  • Install new carpet upstairs

Tier 2

  • To-the-studs remodel of both bathrooms
  • New wrap-around deck/front porch
  • Landscaping
  • Re-paint exterior

Tier 3

  • Turn upstairs into master suite, including dormer of back of house to install master bathroom
  • Finish the basement
  • Replace the garage

The Tier 1 projects are the ones that we want to get done before we move in.  Tier 2 projects are ones we’d like to undertake within a year or two of moving in.  Tier 3 projects are ones we’d start to think about in 5+ years.

We’ve already started meeting with remodeling companies (the kitchen project is way beyond a simple DYI job–we need to consult with an architect about tearing down walls and adjusting stairs and the like) and we are super excited to start to get the project underway.  DH and I have been drooling over some great photos over on  Clearly, the current kitchen:

is nowhere close to the look we’re hoping to achieve once the reno is complete!  Here’s a pic from my idea book that capture more the look and feel we’re hoping for:

You can see that we have a long way to go!  We know we’re planning to take down the wall between the quite spacious dining room and fairly small kitchen to create an open floor plan more suited to a modern lifestyle, but we also need to address two other issues.  First, the stairway to upstairs is in the kitchen so we need to find a way to re-arrange the space so you don’t have to walk through the main workspace of the kitchen to get upstairs:
Yes, that’s right–behind that innocent-looking door is the stairway to upstairs where we plan to have our office, play room, and family room!
The second thing we hope to address is that there is no mudroom as you come in the back door (which is where you come in from the garage).  I’m not sure how the previous owners dealt with this issue, but we’ll definitely need to carve out some space for a mudroom somewhere in the hall that leads from the kitchen to the back stairs (and master bedroom):
Right now I’ve got my eye on that pantry on the left as a good candidate for a (small) mudroom–maybe something like this??

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

So there’s a sneak peak for all those who are curious about what we’re planning to tackle first in the coming months.  I just wish we could start sooner–we’re very ready to move!

6 thoughts on “New House Plans

  1. I think it’s great that you’re working with an architect for the kitchen/back hallway projects. I’ve never met anyone who regretted working with a professional space planner!

  2. You are the perfect person for this job Gillian! I could never imagine anything like this when I look at a space! Can’t wait to see it once it is all finished!!!

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