Happy New Year from 2BB!!

Happy New Year!!

Despite that we live in frigid Chicago, January is actually my favorite time of year.  Not for the weather of course, but because I find it to be such a calm and centering time.  I always feel optimistic this time of year.  The long holiday season, full of planning, shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, eating, wrapping, and traveling is finally over.  No one plans much this time of year besides laid-back evenings of board games and movies, and I find that it is one of the few times that I can do things that I want to do rather than just “keeping up.”  For example, I’m writing this blog post during a quiet evening with a pot of tea, a real teacup, some of my favorite music, and a small plate of cookies– rather than typing hurriedly during my morning commute on the train.  Lovely.

I find that January is a great time to set goals, revisit past goals, reflect on what went well in the past year and what didn’t, re-focus on personal priorities, and plan for the future.  I hope to spend several more evenings with my teapot and list making supplies.  I already feel more refreshed.

Here at 2BB, 2012 was a difficult year for many personal reasons.  Both DH and I are very hopeful that 2013 will be much better.  We are especially excited about eventually moving to our new house once renovations are complete there.  Planning the remodel has been a great distraction for us and we are once again starting to feel like ourselves.  This coming year is sure to be very full and include plenty of big changes for us, but I feel up for the challenge.

This year the 2BB blog will grow to include our new larger home, but I plan to continue to blog about that project as well as projects at our condo while we’re still living here.  If there’s anything you’d like to hear more about this year, just let me know!

We snapped this photo, which we used for our holiday card, during our now-yearly tradition of having a dinner out at the Walnut Room the three of us, and every time I look at it I smile.

Walnut Room 2012

I hope you all find time this January to figure out what re-charges you and that you are able to take advantage of the quietness of this time of year to do those things.



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