Star Struck

This is another of those meant-to-post-awhile-ago posts.  Waaaaay back in November, one of my good friends Lauren and I made a commitment to go a book signing hosted at West Elm for Sherry and John Petersik (of fame) who recently wrote a much anticipated book about DIY home design.  I still haven’t read the whole thing but it’s a fun read with tons of creative low-cost ideas for making a home feel more, well, home-y.  Even though DH and I were hosting a party later that evening (to celebrate our new house) AND the forecast was dotted with thunderstorm warnings, Lauren and I braved it and headed to the event!

Despite arriving about an hour before the event was slated to start, there was already a very, very long line.  But we certainly were not the last to show up (that’s me with the though bubble!):

Young House Love Book Signing 004

Luckily the nice employees at West Elm had planned for a crowd so while Lauren and I got caught up on everything in our lives we were treated to hot cocoa:

Sand house-shaped cookies (get it?!? I thought that was adorable!):

Young House Love Book Signing 001We waited a LONG time and I was starting to get nervous that I wouldn’t get back home in time to help DH put on our soiree, but we did eventually make it in the building and I was so excited!


While Lauren held our spot in line, I stole away and did a bit of shopping (something a mom of a toddler rarely gets to do!).  I purchased a white ceramic owl from West Elm for John and Sherry to sign (per Sherry’s obsession with white ceramic animals) in addition to the book. 

Here we are nearing the front of the line trying to figure out what to say to these two DIY celebrities.  We hoped to come up with something other than stupid grins and giddy laughter:

Young House Love Book Signing 030But that’s mostly what we did!

S  There’s the owl!  Cute, right?  We took some fun pictures, just so I could convince myself that this really happened:

Young House Love Book Signing 034

And then we RAN to the train so I could get back before our guests started arriving for our party.  It was a crazy but wonderful day.  I’m still a bit star struck from meeting those two bloggers.  They were so nice, even though they have met approximately a million fans and gone on dozens of book signings.  I was worried all the fame might have gotten to their heads, but not at all.  What sweeties!

A BIG thanks to my friend Lauren for helping plan this outing for us, keeping things entertaining in that VERY long line (I think it was about 3 1/2 hours…), and for bringing her fabulous camera and mad photography skills to document the occasion (Lauren also took the beautiful photos of Sydney’s first birthday party, posted about here).

And the owl?  She found a very comfortable spot right away in our Christmas decorations.  Isn’t she cute?




4 thoughts on “Star Struck

  1. How fun! I am so jealous, I was desperately wishing their book tour would bring them somewhere close to me. I think Chicago and Dallas were the closest and I just couldn’t justify driving 8 hours for a book signing. Glad you had fun!

    • Yes, 8 hours would have been a bit much! Perhaps they’ll extend the tour eventually?? I forget where you’re located! I can’t imagine where that would be if Chicago AND Dallas are the closest!


      • I sure hope they do!
        I live in the Kansas City area. So absolutely nowhere near any of their stops.
        I’ve been living vicariously through everyone else’s pictures and stories of going.

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