Oh yeah, we’re decisive!

It has been a awhile since I last posted about our upcoming kitchen/dining room renovations, and a lot has happened since then!  We chose a remodeling company to work with and have been very pleased with our designer so far.  DH and I have now met with her several times and we have almost everything finalized–the layout, the cabinets, counters, backsplash, and more.  We have just a few things that we’ll still need to finalize with her, but we’re almost there–and we’re so excited!

Apparently projects with this scope don’t typically move so quickly, but I warned that we were very motivated to get the project underway as soon as possible because we really want to move in and that DH and I already have a really good idea of what we need and want in our kitchen and dining rooms.  Our decisiveness has proved to truly be an asset to our timetable as we’ve been able to make a lot of decisions quickly and with confidence.  It probably helps that DH and I spent a lot of time looking at kitchen photos together and talking through things like counter top color and cabinet styles!  And that we did a kitchen reno in our condo not too long ago!

We gave our designer our set of requirements for the new space and she drew up 5 different plans which was super helpful.  Some were ideas we had already had, but some were totally new to us and really quite ingenious!  From my last kitchen post, you can see that two of the biggest issues with the space were the lack of a mudroom and the staircase to upstairs being smack dab in the middle of the kitchen.  This definitely called for some expert space planning!

I thought it might be fun (for some, at least!), to see the old (current) and new (planned) layout side by side, so without further ado, here’s the current layout of the space:

Kitchen layout currentYou can see how closed off everything looks with all those walls–and also how terribly cramped the kitchen currently is!  Not to mention that you have to walk through the kitchen to get upstairs…or that you can see into our master bedroom from the kitchen and dining room.  Or that there is no mudroom when you come up the back steps!

Thanks to our designer, we have a new and improved layout that solves all these dilemmas for us!

Kitchen layout planned

The interesting thing is that she was able to solve all those problems and it only took two extra feet (which we stole from the living room, which was fine because this area mostly functioned as a hallway between the living room and dining room anyway.

We got permits next week so things are well underway, but it will take awhile since this is such an extensive change.  But totally worth it!  DH and I are already fantasizing about one of us sitting at that kitchen island while the other cooks.  So much better than our current set-up!

What do you think?




8 thoughts on “Oh yeah, we’re decisive!

  1. Wow! The new floor plan looks fantastic. One of my little regrets from our kitchen reno is not planning for a cabinet for garbage/recycling. Are you planning to put it in the island? The mudroom space will be great!

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