Stair Master, part 1

We’ve been warned that our extensive kitchen renovations will take awhile.  And we’re not planning to actually move into the new house until the reno is complete.  So, while DH and I await demo on our existing kitchen we’re trying to do as much as we can in the areas of the house that aren’t going to be touched during the reno to get ahead so we have less to do once we can finally move in.  We’ve already started to tackle the hall bathroom, in part because it was just SO ugly we couldn’t not touch it.  Next on our to-do list?  The back stairs!

It might seem strange to focus so much on a stairway when there are entire rooms that need attention, but we really wanted to find a project that was small but would have a major impact.  We figured it wouldn’t take us too long to whip this hall into shape, and then our plan goes something like this: we’re so inspired by our new back stairway area that we pulled off easily and without a hitch that we are able to tackle any project the house throws at us with remarkable grace and style (ha!).  It is nice to dream though!  Also, since we use the back door as our main entrance when we arrive, we thought it would be really nice to come “home” to something that was beautiful rather than garish.

And when I say garish, I’m not kidding.  This is what the space currently looks like!

Back Hallway Before 1Yep, that’s faux wood paneling, chipped linoleum, two shades of yellow, and one heck of an ugly curtain.  Jealous?

We want a space that feels neutral but not cold and definitely something that won’t cause stress the moment we enter the house!  Ready for our back stair re-do mood board?

Back Hallway Mood Board Pretty simple looking, but hopefully pretty simple to pull off as well.  The project will be mostly painting (and a LOT of priming).  We’re planning to prime all the walls, ceiling, molding, and the door, and then paint the walls the greige color you see in the mood board (Sharkey Gray by Behr).  We’re going to try our hand at installing some vinyl tile on the stairs.  Finally, for the flourish, we’re going to paint the back door a moody gray color, just as I planned to do previously but got cold feet about!  (I even bought the paint, which I ended up opening finally to do the faux granite finish on Sydney’s play kitchen.)

I added a few accessories to the mood board as well–a cute vintage-looking hook rail and some beautiful fabric to make into a shade for the window on the back door.  DH and I really wanted to add a rug to the landing to make it feel a bit cozier, but there’s actually almost zero clearance when you open the door, so there’s not room for a rug (we tried!).

So there you have it, the next big (little) project DH and I plan to tackle.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!




One thought on “Stair Master, part 1

  1. Sometimes I just can’t figure out what people are thinking when they do things to houses. I think the former owners of our homes must have known each other. Your ideas for your entryway are going to be gorgeous! And I agree, even if everything isn’t done, it’s so nice to walk into one area that’s pretty and your style.

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