Kitchen Inspiration

I recently posted about the plans for the layout of our new, improved kitchen at our new house (shall we call it Kitchen 2.0??).  I thought it would be fun to get a sense of what the space will look and feel like so, no surprise here, I’ve put together a mood board!

Kitchen 2.0 Inspiration Mood Board

Since the new space will be open concept and the kitchen/dining room will technically be one room I’ve included elements from both spaces.  I’m trying to find the right balance of formality.  We don’t want the dining room to feel too casual, but we also didn’t want the space to feel overly formal.  We’re also trying to keep a pretty neutral palette in hopes that our kitchen will age gracefully rather than looking dated a few years down the road.

As you can see, we’ll have stainless steel appliances with a slight pro edge; nothing too costly–but we’re doing a slide-in range rather than a free-standing one to give it a more pro look and give more attention to the back splash.  For our back splash we’re doing inexpensive white subway tile with an inset nook above the stove in marble penny tile to give it just a bit more pizazz and sophistication. 

Our counters were one of the easiest things for us to select–DH and I both gravitated toward the same sample.  We’ve decided on an engineered quartz surface for both its beauty and durability (Cambria Bellingham, in case you’re curious!).

The chandelier I’ve actually had picked out for longer than we’ve owned the home.  I had considered buying it for our current place but held off.  I’m glad I did because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chandelier.  For me I think it has the perfect mix of fancy (shiny nickle) with a slightly more modern can casual vibe with the linen shade.  Lovely.  Rather than try to match the chandelier exactly, we’re leaning toward pendants for over the island that relate to the dining room chandelier but have a slightly less formal look to help visually delineate the more casual breakfast bar from the more formal dining space.

We’re going with nice but not super expensive white cabinets.  We haven’t yet decided on pocket doors, but we’ll likely paint those white as well to help them feel as seamless as possible since there will already be a lot going on in the space. 

So there’s a little mini tour of what this space will (hopefully!) look and feel like in a couple of months.




4 thoughts on “Kitchen Inspiration

  1. Your house is going to rock! I love reading about all your ideas and can’t wait to see the progress! Did I mention Rochester will only be 5 hours away from Chicago… 🙂

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