Stair Master, Part 3

When I last posted about our back stairway we had just finished priming this hideous space which had been a cacophony of faux wood paneling and varying shades of yellow paint. 

Back Hallway Before 1

After priming everything with adhesive primer (thanks to a tip from Mary at we were left with this snow-cave like stairway:

mudroom primed

And now, after a lot of painting (seriously, it was a lot of time to hang out in a non-heated poorly lit hallway…), we now have greige walls, crisp white trim, and a gray back door:

Hallway after 1

I couldn’t be more excited about how this turned out!  Although we’re not totally done with the space I feel like the transformation was really remarkable considering so far all we’ve done is paint!  You can see the gray door that I’m totally in love with a bit better in this pic:


So what’s still on the list for this “room”?  Well, as you can easily see from these photos the biggest thing is the flooring.  In the mood board I put together for the space you can see that I intend to install some vinyl tile over the existing linoleum which is in really terrible shape:

Back Hallway Mood Board

However we’re having some issues removing the existing stair edging which I’m pretty sure we need to do before we can install the tiles.  The screws used originally to install the edging are all either stripped or corroded so we’ve having a heck of a time removing them.  (Any advice would be greatly appreciated!)  So in the meantime I’m hoping to install some hooks behind the door and make a curtain (you can see both in the mood board) to help soften and finish the space.  I also need to find a set of inexpensive cafe rods to actually hang the curtain, but no luck yet finding something within budget.

Pretty amazing though what some paint (okay, a whole lot of paint…) can do!




10 thoughts on “Stair Master, Part 3

  1. Great progress! I know how hard it is to do a stairwell. Even though they seem small, with all the nooks, crannies and edging it take a LONG time to finish. BRAVO! FYI Have you tried a dollar store for curtain rods? Also you may think about adapting a wooden dowel from the hardware store. Just a thought…

    • I’m not sure where the closest dollar store is around here, but I’ll look and see if one exists and check out if they sell small curtain rods. I haven’t done extensive pricing yet either. I just feel like this is a great place to save some pennies since it won’t be a heavy curtain and it basically just stay there all the time! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Have you checked Hobby Lobby for cheap and small curtain rods? They have other hardware, too. My mom recently got some nice bathroom towel rods for $10. They don’t have everything online that they have in the store, but I did quickly check online and it seems like they do have some small curtain rods indeed.

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