Wash your hands!

Lately I’ve been pretty preoccupied with our new house here at 2BB, but there are still a few projects from our condo that I still wanted to share before we move out of here for good in a few months.  So without further ado, here’s a little post about our one and only bathroom!

When we first moved into our condo more than 5 years ago, I wasn’t thrilled with the bathroom.  It was tiny, all white, and very poorly laid out.  Although we haven’t been able to increase the size of the bathroom, we have been able to make a few tweaks that have really helped it much more functional and (we think!) lovely.  The first thing we did when we moved in was paint the all-white walls to a beige (Behr Gobi Desert, if you’re curious–the same color as our kitchen used to be and the same color as our hallways).   You can see the color in this old pic from right after we moved in!

The bathroom does have two good features: a mirrored medicine cabinet and a floor to ceiling (but shallow) cabinet behind the door.  This means that there is, at least, decent storage in the room, which was one thing that sold me on the condo in the first place since tiny bathrooms are almost always the norm in these old places.

However, there was a lot wrong with the room too.  There was nothing above the toilet and the sink edge was sloped inward, so there was no place near the sink to set anything as you were getting ready.  So one of the first things we did was we we purchased an inexpensive (and tiny!) over-the-toilet storage unit from Target.

Second, as you can see in the pic above, there were separate hot and cold faucets on opposite sides of the sink.  This means no warm water–unless you put some cold water in your hands first and then add some hot water from the other side.  We actually lived with the sink like this for a long time, but eventually I’d had enough.

We found a great deal on a sink console that included the sink and faucet (hot and cold unite!) that took up much less floor space but offered more surface area to set things:

Condo Bathroom after 1

The other thing about this bathroom that was weird and drove us crazy was this:

shower window

Yep–that’s a window, with wood casing and all, in the shower.  The previous owners apparently dealt with this by just putting up a second shower curtain, but this was problematic if you actually wanted any ventilation in the shower because if you opened the window the breeze would blow the shower curtain onto your naked body and stick.  Very annoying!  Our solution was to install glass block with a small vent window and a ledge:

glass block in showerAhhhh.   Much better!  At the same time we also installed corner shelves on either side of the window which is plenty of storage for the 3 of us.  And we love the way it looks.  It was actually a pretty inexpensive project because we just used subway tile and a tiny piece of inexpensive granite.  But I think the transformation is pretty striking!

Just for fun, here another before shot:

CIMG0525And after we remodeled and re-decorated:

condo bathroom after

Even thought this bathroom is tiny we really have grown to love it.  It actually has more storage than our new bathroom, so I’m  a little sad we can’t take it with us!



4 thoughts on “Wash your hands!

  1. Way to work with what you had! What great and simple updates to make a tiny bathroom so much more usable. All of the bathrooms in our house are fairly small so it’s always a challenge to come up with good storage.

    • I totally agree. I can’t believe we now have a bathroom that is even smaller than this one. I didn’t think it was even possible, but seriously, our “master bathroom” at the new house is basically an airplane bathroom with a shower next to it!

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