Carpet be gone!

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet but that has been a huge part of our efforts on the new house has been removing the extremely old (and very dusty!) carpeting.  DH has been extremely focused on this project in particular because he loves hardwood flooring so much.  I don’t think he enjoys pulling out old carpet staples quite so much, but the end effect is worth it.  I think.  (Right now I’m not sure because my hands are so sore from gripping a pliers and pulling out all those darn staples!)

So far we’ve removed the pink carpet in both of the small bedrooms.   Here’s a before pic of what we’ve bee calling the “pink” room (notice the carpet!).  This is the room that will eventually be Sydney’s new bedroom and where she sleeps when we stay at the house.

sydney room pink carpet

And here’s how it is looking now with the carpet gone:

pink room without carpet

We added a rug for now just to make it a little nicer in there while we’re in transition–this was actually the rug that had been in our bedroom back when it was red!    The other bedroom we’ve been calling the red bedroom because it had red carpet.  Here’s the before:  

red bedroom carpet

I don’t have any “after” pictures of the this room yet.  It was actually the first space we started tackling but after we pulled up the carpet we started in on that terrible paneling you see in the above pic…and found that the walls have lead paint.  Not good at all.  So we’ve halted work on that room and it is currently where we’re collecting things that will later go in the dumpster.  I’ll maybe snap some photos one of these days just to share how bad it is!  We’re going to have this professionally dealt with to be on the safe side, but hopefully soon because we could really use the space!

In better news, just the other day we tackled the master bedroom carpeting.  The carpet in there wasn’t actually half-bad–it was this nice blue color:


But because DH has allergies and a love of hardwood floors (and even though the carpet wasn’t in terrible shape, it was really, really, old and dusty), up it came:

master bedroom floor

(If you need a cute fix, look for the toddler in the owl hat at the bottom left of the picture!).  Of course, right at the end we found this the one spot of our hardwood floors so far that need more than re-finishing:

hardwood floor ickiness

We figured that since all the hardwoods we had uncovered up until this point had been in decent shapte we had to find something weird at some point!  We’re planning to have our floors refinished anyway, and we already are planning for some of the floors to be patched as part of the kitchen reno, so we’re just going to have to add this part to the list.  But when we’re done, the entire first floor (with the exception of the bathrooms) will have beautiful hardwood floors, which never go out of style.  We’re so excited!




5 thoughts on “Carpet be gone!

  1. I don’t know why people insist on putting carpet over perfectly nice hardwood floors. How lucky that there was only one bad spot! We’re going to replace our kitchen floor this weekend. Yay for floor work.

      • We’re putting wood laminate in. I wish we were doing real hardwood! But since laminate is fairly inexpensive, we’re going to be able to do the living room and hallway floors too.
        Yeah, I guess carpet is cozier. I bet you’re right, area rugs have totally gotten better.

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