Airplane bathroom inspiration

Just when I thought bathrooms couldn’t get any smaller, we bought a house with this “master” bathroom:

tiny master bathroomI know it is actually a bit hard to tell what’s what because the space is so squashed together, so here’s a bit more of an explanation:

Bathroom Explanation

(Sorry for the blurry text–I need to find a better way to do this!)  So you start to get the idea–the door opens into the shower door, the sink is  about the size of an airplane bathroom sink, and the toilet is so close to the wall that it is pretty much claustrophobic.  We haven’t used the bathroom much yet, in part because in addition to being tiny, it is extremely cold!  We’re thinking it is has something to do with the fan that vents to outside, but let’s just say in the middle of a Chicago winter the bathroom is barely warmer than outside so…we are using the hall bathroom much more right now!

Like many things in our new house, we don’t have enough money to do a total gut job reno, which is of course what we’d love to do with this bathroom.  I mean, let’s face it: paint isn’t making this space any bigger!  But since it just isn’t in the cards right now, I’m going to do what I can to make is usable for the time being because what’s the point of finally having a home with two bathrooms if you never use one of them??

In an effort to get myself excited about the mini (okay, super mini) bathroom makeover, I put together a mood board. Hooray!

Airplane bathroom inspiration

And it really does help to have something to inspire confidence that the room could eventually at least look okay.  Obviously, in addition to the space being tiny and poorly laid out, it is also extremely dated.  Certainly not as bad as some, but the floral wallpaper, of course, has got to go!  No surprise here, but DH and I have already pulled away a bit to see what’s underneath:

airplane bathroom wallpaper 1We’re pretty sure it is just drywall (thankfully not more plaster!) painted yellow, and so far the wallpaper is coming off pretty easily, which is so nice after what we endured in the bird foil-clad hall bathroom!  You can see I already have some paint samples in there so I can see them at different times of day.  I’m hoping for a light blue-green with just a hint of gray.  I want it to feel a bit brighter but still sophisticated.  We’ll see how it goes!

I’ll post more soon as the ideas come together!




6 thoughts on “Airplane bathroom inspiration

  1. omg so tiny! I have friends that ended up just ripping out a similar sized master bath and turning it into a closet. It was cheaper than remodeling it and they gained a ton of storage (although losing a bathroom could decrease your home’s value) Maybe you could get a temporary vent cover (magnetic, they sell them at home depot) until you guys are ready to do the renovation? Love all your projects!

    • I’ve never even heard of a vent cover, but if it will keep the winter air out then I’ll look when I’m at Home Depot this weekend. Thanks for the tip! We do eventually plan to put in a bathroom upstairs, but that is many many years down the road. We wanted an ensuite bathroom in the next house and we got it–I just wish it felt a bit more luxurious…


  2. Okay, I won’t complain about my tiny bathrooms anymore. When we were looking at houses, we saw one where the bathroom was tiny and they had moved the sink out into the bedroom. It somehow kinda worked. Good luck with your tiny bathroom!

    • That’s actually something we’re strongly considering for when we remodel the bathroom for real. I’d love to make expand the bathroom so there’s a room with the toilet and shower and then another for a larger sink area. I’ve seen it before and it can look nice–maybe some french doors even? Thanks for the idea!


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