Mind if I cut in?

DH and I were excited to finally be starting some work on our new master bedroom after having already focused our energy on the back hallway and the main bathroom.  To re-cap, when we bought the house the room was all the same color beige (walls, moldings, ceiling), with extremely dusty old too-short window sheers, and blue carpet:

CIMG3749Our first order of business was pulling up the carpet since we knew that we had lovely hardwood floors hiding under the dusty old stained carpet:

master bedroom floorSo much better!  Then DH and I got very motivated to start painting the room because we knew it would have a huge impact on how the space felt.  It took us awhile to decide on a color since we’re not entirely sure about a lot of what we’ll end up putting in the room, but we just decided to go with a medium moody gray color and just figured that if we hated it we could always re-paint!   We held up lots of different paint chips during different times of day but finally landed on “opera glasses” (Roth + Allen) which we had color matched to Behr non-VOC paint.  Although we were eager to get the color up on the walls, we had a ton of prep work to do.

First we wiped down all the surfaces and boy did they need it!  We had to rinse out the rags we were using after just a few swipes, and had to keep changing our water bucket!  Then we broke out the primer and primed all the baseboards and moldings which had been a beige color which you can see in this pic of the white primed moldings against the beige color that had been on the moldings and walls:

CIMG3993I would have just painted over the moldings but because they were painted with a high-gloss paint the new white paint didn’t adhere very well, so we just sucked it up and primed everything.  By the time that was done, DH and I were pretty exhausted.  And we were both sick, which didn’t help!  But we really wanted to get some color up on the walls, so I started cutting in while DH cleaned up from a hard day’s work.  But we were so tired that I didn’t get very far before needing to head to our air mattress that we had re-located to the living room (did I mention we still haven’t moved and thus are basically spending partial weekends at our house as squatters?!?).  I snapped this picture before we had to head back to our real home in the morning:

CIMG3995You can see here where I was very sad to leave off:

CIMG3996Ah well.  We’re hoping we can go back soon and finish up because we can’t wait to see what it looks like when we’re done!




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