The fabulous and the fab-u-less

For a few years DH and I have been interested in getting  a leather chair.  We love the way they look, and I like that they are actually a great option for when you have kiddos running around since leather is durable and easy to clean.  But we haven’t pulled the trigger for two main reasons 1) cost and 2) size.  I did find this lovely guy from Room and Board last year that is nice and trim and we’ve been drooling over him ever since:

And although we loved his clean lines and smallish footprint, the price ($1599) is just not doable with our budget, especially with every penny going towards renovations these days.  So we’ve had our dream of owning this fabulous chair on hold for a long time, knowing that we probably wouldn’t be able to get this guy into our house for many years.  But we had a spot picked out for him at our new house anyway!

But earlier this week, we saw this chair while shopping for, of all things, lamps:

Gavin Saddle Brown Faux Leather Accent Chair

And I thought to myself, “huh..this guy looks an awful lot like our dream chair!”  Sure he doesn’t look quite as shiny or perfectly worn like the fabulous Room and Board model, and sure he isn’t real leather, but he takes up even less space (29″x 29″) while still being very cute!  And how is this for a price: $149!!  That’s right–between a promotional deal and a coupon I recently received from (due to a recent pendant purchase for our kitchen) the final price was just a tenth of the cost of the drool-worthy version.  DH and I decided the fab-u-less option was good enough for us at this stage in our lives when we’d be too worried to let kids too near anything we had spent too much on, so we pulled the trigger.  I think DH is actually more excited than I am about this since I think he’s been wanting a chair like this for a long time!

We’re planning to place the chair near the fireplace at our new place once things are ready for move-in but if it doesn’t end up working out in that location we have a couple of other ideas floating around.

Have you found any great deals or steals recently?



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