Stairs are in!

New update on the remodel!  We have stairs again!

For those not following the major home reno we’re undertaking, let me explain that one of our biggest issues with our new house that we wanted to address with our remodel was these terrible deathtrap stairs that were in the corner of the kitchen:

kitchen stairway

It might be a little hard to tell from the picture but not only are they ugly (like everything in the house!) but they are definitely not to code.  The treads are much too narrow for even  a small foot to rest on, and they are all different sizes so it is impossible to know what to expect as you try to scale them.  Luckily, our new plan for the kitchen involved building a new, improved, normally functioning stair case.  It was one of the first things to go during demo too!  You can see here with it partially removed (that’s the back door peeking out on the right side!):

CIMG4037Now, I am excited to report that there are beautiful, normal stairs just waiting for someone to casually scale them while en route to the upstairs (soon-to-be) family room/office/playroom.  

CIMG4043Hooray!  DH and I just couldn’t get over or nice it felt to walk up them.  No fear that at any moment we’d come tumbling down!  What a difference it has made already!  This also means that these lovely new stairs (and thus the whole upstairs) are finally ready for some carpet!

A few other updates since I last posted: You can also see in the above pic that the frame is in to create the mudroom walls that will house the pocket doors, which you can see in the plan below:

Kitchen layout plannedWe also noticed that the replacement window is in along with (gasp!) patio doors so that there’s no longer a gaping hole in our house.  Because we’re fancy like that.

CIMG4042While the professionals are busy putting things back together downstairs (and now that there’s a way to go upstairs again) we’re hoping to start some work on the upstairs area which I’ve been itching to get my hands on ever since we bought the house back in October:

family room before

It might be a little hard to tell from this photo but the carpet used to be yellow.  It is now super dingy and faded from the skylights.  We knew all along we wanted to replace the carpet but also knew we’d need to continue the carpet out of this room and down the stairs, so we had to wait patiently for the stairs to be installed.  Now we’re just waiting on the drywall work to be done (I hear that’s pretty dusty!) and then we’re planning to have some new carpet installed.  Such an exciting time of….waiting.  Ah well.  Eye on the prize!  Might be time to make a mood board for this room to keep me motivated in the meantime!




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