The sound of drywall

We went by our construction zone new home over the weekend and saw that our site manager had some people working over the weekend.  I was curious what they were working on and as we approached I said to DH, “It sounds like they are installing drywall.”  He looked at me like I was a crazy person and asked how on earth I know what drywall installation sounds like.  I thought for moment and replied, “Probably from watching too much HGTV!”  

The new patio door was open and sure enough, as we approached, we saw that a bunch of the drywall was up in our new place!  We were exstatic!  When we were last at the house the kitchen looking so very demo’d and sad:

CIMG4043But we now have actual walls again and I feel so much better.  As though perhaps there is some hope that we’ll have a kitchen again someday:


Doesn’t it just feel lighter and brighter in there now?  You can also see all the can lights that went in, which will help to further illuminate the new kitchen.  

For fun, here’s another shot of the newly roughed in mudroom:

CIMG4044And now with drywall!


Ahhh, much better!  I think they are finishing mudding and sanding this week as well as finishing patching and sanding the hardwood floors.  I’m amazed at how fast some of this is moving!  We think the cabinets will be installed sometime next week, which will be AMAZING to see!  We can’t wait!  Both DH and I are finally excited about this project that we started all the way back in November finally starting to really take shape.  It also helps that we had the first really Spring day recently and also did an egg hunt with Sydney at the Arboretum!

Egg Hunt

Cheers, Happy Easter, etc.,


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