50 shades of beige

Is it too soon to make another 50 Shades of Gray joke?  I haven’t even read the book but, from what I’ve heard, this post is about as opposite the content of that volume as possible.  The topic of this post?  Carpet for our huge upstairs room that we’re planning to turn into a family room/playroom/loft/guest room.   Perhaps a room that will serve all those functions is a bit ambitious?  We’ll see!  The room is still coming together in my head since we of course haven’t even moved in yet.  But we do know that we want some new carpet to replace the unevenly faded and universally icky yellow carpet that is all over the space now:

family room beforeHere’s a picture of the carpet in the area we’re planning to turn into a playroom:


A few people have asked why we’re not installing hardwood.  Although we love hardwood and are going to have hardwoods on the entire main floor, this room is going to be a play space and having carpet will help be an extra sound barrier–I’m not that interested in hearing the sound of a box of duplos being dumped on a hardwood floor (I have that now and trust me, it is cacophonous!).  So we’re going the carpet route and really, I think it will be a nice change.  Sydney loves to climb on us and jump around so we’ll be happy for some extra padding to help ward off “owies.”

DH and I have done a bit of research and have decided to use Home Depot for the install since we’ve read good things online and we’re going for something pretty basic.  We’re looking for a medium pile carpet with a bit of shagginess to it in a greige (gray-beige) color.   We brought home a bunch of samples and spent last night pouring over them:

carpet samples

And really, picking out neutral carpet has got to be one of the most boring design activities ever.  But it had to be done.  Several were too dark, a few too light, and a few too expensive.  Finally, we landed on this one:

Beige Carpet

Today we had Home Depot come out and measure and we’re hoping to get the carpet installed in the next couple of weeks so that we can get started on putting this room together.  We anticipate we’ll spend a fair amount of time in this room, especially there will still be work to do on our living space downstairs once the kitchen is complete!




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