Moving right along

We swung by the house last weekend and were so excited to see progress on four things.  First, the drywall had been mudded, sanded, and in the kitchen, primed.  Second, there were pocket doors wrapped and ready for installation.  Third, the cabinets had arrived and were sitting in boxes all over the house!  And fourth, they had finished patching the wood floors.  You can see all four things in the pic below:

boxes of cabinets

I can’t believe how far it has come since last week:


Or the week before that:


Or the week before that:


Things are really moving along!  We can’t wait to go this weekend and see the cabinets installed!  In some ways, it sometimes feels like it is moving along too quickly.  But that’s mostly because we had planned to save as much money as we could by doing things we know how to do ourselves, like priming and painting.  However, we couldn’t do the priming in the kitchen ourselves because of the short turnaround time between when the drywall went up and when they were starting on the cabinet installation.  So we had them only do what was absolutely necessary, and we’re planning to go back and finish…someday.

But all this is good news since that means (hopefully!) that we’ll get to move soon, and that’s the whole idea behind buying a new house, right?




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