The everything room: inspiration

I mentioned recently how excited I am to get my hands on our new “everything room” upstairs, ever since we got moving on replacing the existing dusty, faded (and now partially missing due to some extra demo related to the kitchen….) carpet.  This huge room upstairs was one of the things that we fell in love with about the house.  It has lots of windows and skylights and is thus is bathed in beautiful light.  The rest of the house, being only a few feet above ground level, doesn’t get nearly as much light!  We also love that the room was so large!  We knew it could easily accommodate all those “bonus” spaces that people typically want in a house: office, guest room, playroom.  We also love the amazing wood ceiling that adds tons of character and interest to the space:


So now that we once again have stairs leading up there (read more about that here!) and the carpet installation has been scheduled, DH and I decided to get to work on the space as much as we can without actually living there.

How to get started though?  With an inspiration board of course!  I actually put together two; one for the main area that encompasses the office and family room/guest pull-out bed area (pardon the mess…):


and another to capture the cute “playhouse” area I loved so much:


Do you see how the slope of the ceiling looks like a little house?  So cute!

Here’s the layout of the space as it appears in my head; I haven’t yet done precise measuring for everything and this isn’t 100% to scale, but you at least get the idea of how I plan to divide the space to allow for areas for work, play, and guests:

Upstairs inspiration layout

So what am I planning for this rather blank canvas of a room?  Well, for now I’ve decided to use some of the elements of our existing living room, which we both still love:


I’m forcing myself to keep things pretty simple for now until we can really move in to the space and see how we use it.  Because there will be so much going on in the room, I want to start with a basic color scheme and see how it feels before doing a lot of really specific decorating.  DH and I decided to go with a wall color similar to our currently living room color, but a bit lighter, and furnish it mostly with existing pieces from out current living room  and office.  The overall color scheme will still be shades of blue, turquoise, and soft aqua:

Upstairs inspiration 1

The coffee table in the inspiration board is the one we already have in our living room from IKEA that I turned into a chalk board table, and we have two of these black desks from Pottery Barn that we’re excited to have space for (currently we only have room for one in our living room).  I hope eventually to layer in more pattern and texture, but I want to take it slow.  Besides…we’re pretty short on cash for decorating because of the extensive renovations going on downstairs!

For the “play house area” I plan to use the same wall color, but use a brighter accent colors to make it more appealing to the non-adult in the house.  I plan to have Sydney’s play kitchen in there along with a nice cozy spot for reading books:

Upstairs inspiration 2

The fabrics pictured are ones I chose to use when I re-finished the play kitchen for Sydney for Christmas last year; my mom made her an apron, oven mitts, and potholders out of the fabric, but had a lot left over, so I’ll see how else I can incorporate it into the space!  We also plan to do a wall of low Expedit shelves from IKEA for toy storage along one of the eaves. I’m not convince the toys will stay upstairs, but we’ll see how it goes!

That’s where DH and I are at.  I can’t wait to get started, but who knows when we’ll have a chance to head over there.  We’d like to get the room at least painted before we have the new carpet installed.  I’d hate to spill on the new stuff!  



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