Taking shape

I couldn’t believe my eyes when DH and I went by the house this weekend and walked into the living room.  I glanced toward the kitchen and saw this!

CIMG4098What’s that you say?  Cabinets?  In a kitchen?  That’s crazy!  Or at least that’s how I was starting to feel after staring at an unfinished space for so long!


I know things are far from done, but can you believe the transformation already?  I was almost speechless.  Getting the cabinets installed has made such an amazing difference.  For reference, here’s what the space looked like last time I was at the house, with the cabinets sitting in boxes:

boxes of cabinets

I wanted to share these as soon as I could because I’m really that excited!  (For more info on the layout of the new space see this post.)  Here’s the main area of the kitchen where you can see the space for the stove and fridge:

CIMG4102You can also see the island where the sink and dishwasher will be–and where I dream of sitting at a bar stool sipping wine while DH cooks dinner and Sydney plays quietly!).  I know.  A dream…

Here’s a shot of the ancillary storage near the stairs where our main pantry area is in addition to the microwave:


Here’s nice shot of the whole kitchen area, taken as though I’m sitting on the dining room table:


Finally, what made me most happy was what I saw after walking into the kitchen and looking around; I looked back at the future dining room, with the new built-ins framing the living room:


Isn’t it beautiful?  I can’t believe this is my house!  Sure, the space is still small, but all the cabinets with the crown moldings and everything looks just wonderful.  I am so excited to see it next weekend with appliances, back splash, lights, and maybe even counters?  We’ll see!

Hope you enjoyed the progress as much as I did!




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