Storing Scarves and Wraps

Quick organizing post for today!

Although I try to live simply by not accumulating too much stuff, I must admit that I have a fairly large collection of pashmina-style wraps.  What can I say?  I love how versatile they are!  In the winter their extra wide size means more chills stay off my neck.  In the summer they are the perfect thing to grab for once the sun goes down and things get chilly.  They are also the perfect travel accessory–a great layer to add or shed based on unpredictable weather.  For these reasons I don’t really consider my collection of scarves/wraps/pashminas (or whatever you want to call them!) to clutter in our tiny space since I really do wear all of them with some regularity.  

That said, over the years I’ve struggled with how best to store them.  I’ve tried several different ways of storing them so that they’d be easily accessible and not tangled.  I tried twisting them up like you see in store displays, putting them in a basket, and hanging them from hangers and hooks of all shapes and sizes.  Nothing worked well enough for me to keep the system up–most were too arduous to maintain.

Then one day during one of my very motivated closet purging sessions I came across some extra towel rod/kitchen organizers we had purchased from IKEA but hadn’t used since we had remodeled our kitchen.  I came up with a solution to my scarf woes and I’ve never looked back.  I LOVE this system!  It was super easy to install and has made keeping track of all my scarves so simple.

All I did was install two towel rods on the back of the front hall closet door.  Yep, that’s it!  Here’s what I mean!



The scarves hang from the top towel rod, and the lower rod keeps them from swinging around too much when we open and close the door (which we do about a million times a day!)

scarf storage

Anyone else got a pashmina wrap addiction?  Or other great ways to store your collection of winter neckwear? 




2 thoughts on “Storing Scarves and Wraps

  1. Ugh – I’m addicted to scarves! If one day someone were to make the determination that clothing is optional, I’d run around nude…but with a snazzy scarf on!

    I need more doors for storage. I’m using one of those Ikea holey-thingies…Works ok until you want to hang more clothes. Then it might as well be a comforter on a hanger with all the room it takes up!

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