Pleasant surprise in the everything room!

I recently posted about how our plans for our upstairs “everything” room (office, playroom, family room, guest room) are taking shape and shared our inspiration mood boards for both the office/family/guest space:

Upstairs inspiration 1

and the playroom:

Upstairs inspiration 2

Like all major projects these things always seem to take longer than we expect; so far we’ve been able to schedule the carpet installation and that’s pretty much it.  DH and I went to the house over the weekend with Sydney in tow determined to at least do something to move the project along since we had a non-busy weekend for once and didn’t want to waste it!  So we set to work on washing all the walls so we could get them ready for paint job.  Unfortunately the toddler among us lost interest pretty quickly.  So, after naptime, we decided to divide and conquer: I took Sydney to a play group and DH headed back to the house to do the spackling and sanding.  So imagine my surprise when I returned to find this!

CIMG4118And this!

CIMG4117Apparently without a toddler in tow things move much more quickly!  DH was able to do all the spackling, sanding, and actually start on the painting!  How nice to finally see some real changes to this space that we just know has potential!  Can you see the potential in this photo from the original listing?

08011338_13_0It was hard to look past the crazy assortment of furniture for sure, but we’re confident that when we’re done with the space it will feel like home.  Already just getting some color on the walls helps it feel more “us” and definitely makes it way more home-y!   We still plan to paint the trim around the windows and doors but probably won’t tackle that quite yet.  I need to read a few more tutorials first!

I’ll be sure to post more pics soon once we get more painting done!




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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