Just when I thought things with our reno were moving along (Cabinets are in!  What could go wrong?), I got a call from our designer that the counter tops we had fallen in love with back in January were on back order until at least late June.  Womp womp.  For reference, the beautiful tops were a key design element in an otherwise rather neutral space–“Bellingham” from Cambria:

Kitchen 2.0 Inspiration Mood Board

Perhaps it seems like this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but what we found out was that all additional work on the kitchen (installing the sink, appliances, back splash  etc.) had to wait until the tops were in–meaning the entire project would grind to a halt and be delayed by at least 2 months.  DH and I debated for quite awhile about if it was worth it to wait for the tops to come in.  It is a pretty big chunk of our overall budget for the space after all–and we’re not planning to redo the kitchen for a loooooong time.  And we knew that when we did our selections for the space back in January, this was by far our favorite option–nothing else came even close.  But then our designer let us know that there were some new options that had come out since we had done our selections, so we agreed to look at other options since we REALLY didn’t want to delay the project (we’ve been planning this since November and not having a kitchen is what is keeping us from moving in!).

Our designer was nice enough to drop off samples of some other options at our house so we could see them with the installed cabinets.  She also dropped off some of the penny tile we’re using for the inset nook above the stove, which we chose specifically to coordinate with the Cambria Bellingham counters.  We had a very difficult time deciding, but putting together two mood boards helped a bit!  Here’s the first option she mentioned–Cambria’s Praa Sands:

Praa Sands

We thought this one was equally beautiful and we really liked it.  However we worried that the bluish tint in the veining made the overall balance of the space feel too cold, especially since the rest of the kitchen was white.  I think in a kitchen with dark warm-toned cabinets this would be a fabulous counter, but that’s not what we’re working with.  The second option we considered was Cambria’s New Quay:

New QuayThis sample has the same warm tone as the Bellingham but without any of the black marbling, and definitely still looks great with the penny tile.  It was a difficult decision because we still love the Bellingham so much, but we’ve decided to go with the New Quay in order to move the project along.  We’ve had a lot of time to think about it and because it is even more neutral we’re thinking that we might like it for an even longer period of time, and it will give us greater flexibility to change the feel of the room with the seasons and over time.  I just hope we end up loving them as much as we loved the other design and never look back.  And they’ve already scheduled the install, so we won’t need to wait long!

The title of this post was “Roadblocks,” plural.  The other road block?  Chicago got a massive rain storm the other day and we, along with most of the city, got a flooded basement.  We were surprised because there was no evidence of the basement ever having water issues in the past.  The frustrating thing was that we’ve been storing all our extra stuff down there, so we really had out work cut out for use sorting through everything and moving things upstairs.  I had to take a half day off work and DH and I spent many, many hours carting buckets of water out of the basement.  Luckily, very few of our things were actually ruined–mostly because we caught it before it sat there for too long.  But it did mean that we lost a weekend that we could have been working on other projects to working on tearing out the old carpet that the previous owner had put down.  Needless to say, DH and I were pretty sore after all that!

Here’s hoping the next week goes much better!




17 thoughts on “Roadblocks

    • Good question! Actually this material from Cambria is engineered quartz, so there’s no slab to pick out–what you see is what you get. That was actually one of the things that drew us to this particular top! It is also super durable.


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    • Sure! Walker Zanger. Not sure if the exact tile is still available (we put this in several years ago) but it looks like the “Tribeca” tile they have on their site currently might be close. -G

  10. i have the praa sands with a white kitchen (and dark wood floors, white subway tile backsplash and griege walls). there is some warmth to the counters with the beige in them. i loved the blue tones, and i think it works great in my kitchen. i also love the counter you chose!

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