Great angle! Or, how our condo was staged.

I realized just the other day that with all the focus on the new house renovations, I’ve failed to mention that or 2bedroom condo–where we’re currently living–is on the market!  We listed it about 6 weeks ago and have had  pretty steady stream of showings.  We’ve never sold a property before, so the whole process continues to be a learning experience for us.  The part of the process that has been the most fun though was staging our house!  I found it an interesting challenge to allow a (mostly) stranger (our realtor) to come into our home and critique it with fresh eyes.

The biggest hurdle was deculttering everywhere.  I’m always a fan of decluttering in general, but I didn’t quite realize just how much decluttering we’d need to do.  Even though our closets were pretty organized and looked orderly, we had to reduce the amount of stuff in them by roughly half so they looked spacious.  I guess the idea is not to show empty closets, but to make them say something like “Look how spacious I am–there’s a bunch of stuff in here but there’s still plenty of room left!  Buy me!”  Or something like that!

So DH and I undertook a massive purge–some things went in the give away pile, a bunch of seldom used things were packed up and carted over to the new house, and the remaining things were stashed in places no one would look (under the bed for example).   We also took special care to clear out space in our closed storage areas (drawers, cabinets no one would likely open) for last minute items we might need to stash if we had a short-notice showing .

I thought the photographer did a great job using some kind of wide-angle lens to make our place look especially bright and spacious and I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos used for our listing.  For example, here’s shot of our living room bookcases and TV area before we undertook the serious decluttering process:

living room bookshelves - after

You can see how hard it is to get a good shot of the space.  Here’s what the photographer got!

living room staged 1And from another angle:

08295627_4_0He also got a nice shot of our tiny bedroom.  Here’s my attempt:

New bedroom shade 2And here’s what he was able to show!

staged bedroomHere’s my latest shot of the nursery (pre-decluttering):

CIMG3566And the staged photo with the special wide angle lens:

08295627_7_0My shot of the dining room:

Banquette 1And his–which makes the dining room look huge!

08295627_9_0My shot of our tiny bathroom:

Condo Bathroom after 1And the photographer’s shot:

08295627_6_0I cant’ believe the difference!  Finally, I’ll leave you with a few shots of the hall:

hallway staged 2
hallway staged

and of the kitchen:

08295627_12_0 kitchen staged

So far we’ve had lots of interest in our place, but so far no offers.  We’re hoping something comes in soon since it is looking like the new house will be ready for us before to long, which I can hardly believe!  Wish us luck–we’re pretty tired of living in a house that is on the market; it feels like living in a museum sometimes.




11 thoughts on “Great angle! Or, how our condo was staged.

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  4. Is your tv on the Liatorp buffet as opposed to the Liatorp tv stand? We’re planning on doing a similar situation in our lake condo.
    Please respond to my personal email.

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