A little illumination

Although so far I think the most exciting part our kitchen/dining room reno has been getting the cabinets installed, a close second was getting our lights installed!  In addition to several can lights on dimmers and under-cabinet lighting, we now have some lovely pendants over the new island.

kitchen pendants

And we now have sconces.  Here’s the one in the stairway going upstairs–I just love the crisp linen shade!


I had wanted to use this same sconce in the stairway going downstairs as well, but it was too large to fit in the space so we went with this one instead:


I must say that trying to find sconces for a hallway is no easy task.  At least from all my searching–both on the internet and in brick-and-mortar stores–it seems to me that most sconces are meant for bathrooms and not hallways.  Thus most of the sconces I was finding would have looked out of place in a stairway and stuck out much too far!  I’m so glad I found these two options.  The larger scone (two pics up) is actually the same sconce that some of our friends have in their living room.  I’ve always loved them so I asked for the details of where the got them and ordered one for our house!

What I didn’t have trouble finding, however, was the perfect chandelier for our dining room.  I’ve had my eye on this beauty since before we even thought about buying this house.  I had actually considered buying it for our condo dining room at one point.  You can see it takes its place front and center in my kitchen mood board!

New QuayAnd now is it actually installed in my house.  I can hardly believe it!

CIMG4127Ignore the plastic wrap around it–we’re just leaving that on since there’s still some pretty dusty work to be done.  Here’s another pic of the chandelier and the island pendant so you can see how they relate (both are shiny and silvery) but they don’t match exactly:

CIMG4129 I can’t wait until the plastic comes off and we can put in some bulbs!  Even better would be our dining room table and some delicious food, a glass of wine, and some dinner guests.  But I think that’s still a few months off!

That’s the illuminating news from here at 2BB.  Enjoy!




9 thoughts on “A little illumination

  1. Love your taste in lighting fixtures. We had an awful time finding wall lights for our entryway…the space is so narrow. Ended up using outdoor marine lights…in white metal with a slim profile. Can’t wait to see the big reveal!

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