Feeling blue

Last week I posted DH’s amazing surprise start to getting our upstairs “everything” room painted (read more about the room’s multi-purpose aspirations here):

CIMG4118And now (drum-roll please…) the finished paint job!


DH was pretty motivated to finish what he started, so he grabbed his ipod and headed over to the house and finished it while I was at work the other day.  I only did a very small portion of the painting in this huge room (I cut in around the windows and door) and DH did the rest, including lots of time on the ladder to reach the high ceilings!

CIMG4145We’re excited this is done, and as you can see, DH also got a start on tearing out the carpeting too (more on that later!).


Also, do you see that we stopped painting before we got to the floor?  Well, that’s because whoever finished off this room did a lot of strange things, one of which was not installing any baseboards.  So once we get the carpet installed we’re going to have our contractor come by and install some baseboards for us so the room looks more finished (it is a really inexpensive fix, which is nice!).  We’re still planning to paint the trim in the room; we’re not fans at all of the medium tone stained oak and it really doesn’t flow with the rest of the house at all.  Not sure when that will happen, but we’ll definitely need some nicer weather before we embark on that adventure since we’ll need to have the windows open for quite awhile!  I am encouraged that despite this long winter we can’t seem to shake (and the crazy weather that flooded our basement…), Spring may finally be arriving in Chicago.  DH snapped a picture of the buds on the tree in our front yard just starting to open:

CIMG4122A spring bud and a dumpster–a juxtaposition that I think sums up our lives right now pretty well!




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