The not so rad rad(iator)

In my last post I mentioned how incredibly motivated DH has been with our “everything” upstairs room–he did about 90% of the painting himself:


and has since proceeded to rip out the dusty, old faded yellow carpet:

CIMG4145in order to make way for new carpet in this lovely shade of beige (boring, I know, but sometimes neutrals are the way to go):

Beige Carpet

Things were all going along swimmingly until he went to tear out the last strip of carpet–that’s when we realized just how weirdly this attic conversion was done 30+ years ago.  Apparently the previous owners installed the carpet first and then the baseboard radiator.  You can sort of see what I mean in this picture:

CIMG4137And even better in this close up (you can also see how yucky the carpet looks):


DH and tried everything we could but we couldn’t figure out a way to remove the carpet in that area!  Luckily, we had pushed back the carpet installation by a week due to some of the other kitchen-related work that was going on down on the main floor.  We’ve called a contractor that we’ve worked with several times at our condo (he installed our laundry closet, opened up our master bedroom closet, and did the built-ins in the nursery). He’s going to have someone come by and either remove it or at least trim the carpet right up to the radiator so that the carpet can be installed next week.

This is a minor set back of course, but definitely one of those things that makes me want to ask the previous owners what on earth they were thinking!  Soon after we get the carpet installed we’re planning to have a carpenter build a long, low radiator cover for the rad since unlike the ones on the main floor, this one gets really hot.   Since this is going to be a family room and play room we want to make it as safe as possible for our dear little girl and any friends, cousins, etc. that visit!

More soon!




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