One step forward, two steps back

Remember the amazing transformation of our back hallway from this:

Back Hallway Before 1To this?

Hallway after 1Although we only about 75% finished with the space (still planned to add a curtain to the window and re-tile the floors), we had to put completing the space on hold since the big kitchen reno was starting.  Unfortunately, all that time and energy we spent priming and painting the heck out of the space a few months back is now mostly moot:

back hall drywallYep.  Unbeknownst to us, as part of rebuilding the stairway to upstairs this stairway got a bit of a makeover too: brand new drywall!  Don’t get me wrong–I’m perfectly happy with drywall instead of paneling.  I just wish I hadn’t spent so many precious hours painting that dang stairway in the middle of winter with the door open!  So really, the only progress that remains is the painted back door and the stair stringers (previous yellow and dirty beige, respectively).  And we did get sconces installed during the process which will really help.  Previously the only light in the entire back hallway (which serves as the entryway from the garage and back yard) was a battery-operated little push light that was barely better than a candle.

Looks like it is back to the paintbrush and roller for us!  We still have plenty of the paint leftover from the first time we painted, so we’ll most likely just paint it again.  I’ve already purchased the fabric to make a curtain for the back door, the vinyl tiles, and the hook rail you can see in my inspiration mood board for the space:

Back Hallway Mood BoardBut I think I might wait a little while until some of the other paint colors in the other rooms are up.  Who knows?  I might like something else even better and this might be a blessing in disguise.  For now we’ll just prime the drywall next time we have the primer out and see where we end up in a month or two.



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