New stain sneak peek

The floors are done!  After considering four options, we selected Minwax’s “Dark Walnut” stain to be the new floor color on the entire first floor:

stain optionsAnd I’d love to share lots of pics.  Really, I would.  Unfortunately most of them are currently covered up by thick protective paper so that they don’t get damaged as work on the kitchen finishes up.  But I just couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek of how they turned out!  In the room least affected by the kitchen work–the master bedroom–they didn’t need to cover the floors so I quickly snapped a pic. Let’s see the transformation, shall we?  Recall that after pulling up this original blue carpet:

CIMG3749We found these lovely maple floors:

master bedroom floorOkay, mostly lovely:

hardwood floor ickinessThe floors were starting to look much better after being sanded down:

CIMG4153And now, (drum roll please!) here they are showing off their new “darker side” in their sleek dark walnut stain:
floor sneak peek!

Try to look past how dirty they look–it is still VERY dusty around the house since it is still very much under construction.  We’ll try to keep ’em clean once the renovations are over and we move in.  The floors in the rest of the house are all oak (not maple) so the stain looks slightly different, but still lovely from what I can see poking out!  I can’t wait for the paper to be removed so I can take some additional pics and post soon!




3 thoughts on “New stain sneak peek

  1. Just stumbled across your blog doing a google search for “Dark Walnut” floor stain 😉 We are also considering staining/refinishing the floors and love the look of Dark Walnut. Do you have red oak in your house? Curious to know if we have the same floors, since I love how the stain looks in the pics. Great blog, by the way!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I popped over to your blog and it definitely looks like we have similar tastes and we’re both tackling some fun reno projects! Not being an expert in flooring I’m not sure what kind of oak the rest of our floors are, but everywhere else (except for the room I snapped this pic in) the floors are definitely oak. I’m hoping that pretty soon enough work will be done that we’ll be able to remove the protective layer from the floors and then I will of course post pics as quickly as I can. Hopefully it will be sometime in the next week or so!


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