Magic carpet

Things are really happening at the new house these days.  In addition to the renovations in the kitchen/dining room, we’re having the roof replaced, and we finally had the carpet installed in our “everything” room!  Recall that the original space had old unevenly faded yellow carpet and beige walls:

08011338_13_0Once we finally got our hands on the space we got to painting it a nice light blue and ripped out the icky old carpet:

CIMG4145We selected a light neutral beige carpet to keep with the light and airy feel of this light-filled second floor room.  We had to wait a little while to actually have it installed though because of all the other work going on downstairs.  But the wait is over, and now we are thrilled with our newly carpeted family room/guest room/office/playroom space!

upstairs with carpet 1

upstairs with carpet 2Of course there’s still plenty to to (especially noticeable is that we still need baseboards, but those will go in soon!).  I’m also excited to get my hands on that yellow light fixture and give it a good coat of spray paint.  But it is just nice to have room where Sydney can run around without too many things she’s not supposed to touch as is the case on the main floor where most of the reno is happening.  Plus the carpet feels super nice on our feet and we’ve all taken to just plopping down on the floor for some impromptu play time.  The nice thing too is that now that the carpet is in, there aren’t any really major things that remain to do in the room so we can start to move stuff into the space now.  Even though we don’t plan to move for another month or so, it will be really nice to have a room that is more finished that we can hang out it while we finish moving in downstairs.  




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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