All the Trimmings

Although perhaps not the most obvious piece of a transformation, trim work really does help make a space feel truly finished.  Just ask our kitchen, who recently got some trim work and is looking more and more fabulous!  The door and window casings are now finished, and baseboards that match the style in the rest of the house have been installed in most areas.  You can see the difference it makes–here’s the doorway to the mudroom before the trimming:

CIMG4072And after:

CIMG4176I pulled out one of the pocket doors too to show what that will sort of look like.  They actually ordered and installed the wrong doors so the correct doors won’t be in for a little while, but you can get the idea.  We really wanted pocket doors here so we could have the option to close them off if we had guests and there was a mess in the mudroom.  Or if we just didn’t want to see the mess!  Here’s a shot of the other new doorway with its finished trim:

CIMG4177This is the pocket door that will close off the hallway to the two front bedrooms as well as the bathroom (which, otherwise, you can see from the dining room!).  We’ve also already discovered that it’s  a great sound barrier during naptime!

Perhaps even more transformative than the trim around the doors are the other two things the carpenter has built–the mudroom bench and cubbies:

mudroom bench unfinishedSorry for the weird angle–the space is pretty tight so it was hard to get a good shot.  We’re also thrilled that now in addition to the carpet upstairs, we no longer have this scary toddler death-trap cliff going on:

loft before

But instead we have a beautiful and very sturdy railing:

loft railingHere’s a close-up shot of the detail:

CIMG4183And the stairway heading downstairs towards the kitchen:

CIMG4182Clearly we still need to paint and/or stain all the new trim, but we’re planning to do it probably once we’re moved in since the trim will always be exposed and we won’t have to move furniture to paint it (as we’d need to with the walls!).  Given that we don’t have nearly as much time as we’d like to spend on the house we’re trying to be very strategic about which projects we take on right away! 

I’ll try to post more pictures again soon!




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