An unfurnished home

I realized the other night that I never posted any progress about selling our condo.  I posted a bit about the staging process here, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the condo much since.  This could be because even though DH and I are excited for the new house and all its possibilities, we’re still sad to be leaving the place we’ve called home for six years–and the only home Sydney has ever known!  Plus, the condo is done.  I’m sure we would have continued to make tweaks if we continued to live here, but really, most of the projects on our list were done a few years ago.  This means that when we move next week we’re going from a living room that currently looks like this:

CIMG2735To one that currently looks like, well, this:

living room beforeThe good news is that we have accepted an offer and (knock on wood) things all seem to be lining up and we’re pretty confiednt we’ll make it to closing without too much hassle.  The interesting news?  The deal includes a large amount of our furniture.  DH and I were actually hoping that the new owners would be interested in at least some of the furniture since we have a lot of large IKEA pices that would not only be extremely difficult to move (and would likley get pretty beat up) but would also not have a real place at the new home.  The buyers we went with actually wanted a pretty hefty chunk of our existing furniture–a bit more than we really wanted to part with, but again, since it is all still available from IKEA nothing is irreplaceable.  

So the new owners will have some stuff that fits the space really well including our dresser and two wardrobes:

New bedroom mirrorOur Liatorp “media” wall:

living room staged 1And the Besta units we placed in our dining room when we did the re-do last year:

Banquette 1Looking back at these photos really does make me feel a bit sad to be leaving our sunny 2bedroom condo that we’ve loved so much for these past 6 years.  I just hope it doesn’t take too terribly long before the new place starts to feel, well, more like our old place.

As for where we’ll put all our books with all our bookshelves either built-in or staying?  We have absolutely no idea.  This will be one of the great design challenges in the new house that has about zero wall space for bookshelves.  I’ll need to get creative, that’s for sure!




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