Red bedroom facelift

Remember this room?


We do.  Yikes.  This spare bedroom was actually the first room on our “to do” list once we bought the house.  We started by pulling up the carpet, and then got to work on the paneling.  But then, of course…we found lead paint.  It was really disappointing and really sucked out a lot of our motivation.  For months we kept the door closed and didn’t go in the room at all.  After awhile we finally decided to do something about the room; our contractor suggested just install 1/4″ drywall to the room rather than try to demo everything.  At the same time we could check off some other updates to the room in one fell swoop, including getting rid of the hideous acoustical tile ceiling, installing 1/2″ drywall on the ceiling, and installing a fan box for a ceiling fan (for some reason our house has neither central air nor any ceiling fans which I find very perplexing!).  So we went for it!

CIMG4106Obviously there’s still a lot of work to be done in the room, but isn’t that transformation pretty amazing?

Since this is a spare bedroom we’re planning to use it a staging area when we move and for overnight guests until we decide it is time to have baby #2.  I don’t think we’ll get to do much decorating in here until we have a good reason since there are so many other spaces in the house we’ll use on a regular basis, but we’ll probably at least try to finish the trim and do some minimal decorating to make it a nice space for guests to stay.




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