Living room inspiration from Mexico

DH and I recently took a much-needed vacation to Mexico where we did little else besides sit on the beach, sit by the pool, enjoy excellent food, and catch up with friends.  It was so nice to get away together and even though we missed our little girl we are glad we went.  DH had a little trouble convincing me to actually relax, but I did my best to try to put worries about the new house out of my mind (although the notebook I brought definitely does have sketches of the organization of our mudroom closet…).  

While sitting at the beach I was struck by the beauty of the colors of the water, sky, and sand, and it reminded me so much of how I wanted our new living space to feel–a calm, soothing color scheme that feels like a retreat from the craziness of everyday life:

MexicoI figured it was time to start sharing on the blog my ideas for our living room, which, keep in mind, currently looks like this:

living room beforeI’ve been playing around with some ideas for the last several months but this room really has been a challenge.  It is open to the dining room and kitchen and is L-shaped, so I’m struggling a bit with both color scheme and furniture placement.  But, I’m determined to figure it out.  So here’s what I’m thinking as of right now what the space might look like once we’re closer to being done:

Living Room Initial ideasI’m excited to get moved in so we can start to see if I’m way off track with these ideas of if this can serve as our inspiration mood board for the space.  Stay tuned!




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