Patio Dreaming

One of the things DH and I were most excited about moving from  a condo to a house is having outdoor space.  Even though our new house doesn’t have a massive yard or deck, we’re excited for what we do have.  Unfortunately, because we’ve never really had much outdoor space to call our own, we don’t own much in the way of outdoor furniture.  We did have a great haul at a recent yard sale in our neighborhood and scored some sweet pint-sized patio furniture for our little munchkin, but we’re still lacking in the adult-sized furniture realm:

deck beforeAnd, because I just can’t stop myself, I made a mood board of what we’re hoping the space will feel like once we’re done with it (hopefully before the summer is over!):

Patio ideasWe’d like to get a basic patio conversation set with neutral cushions (I like to change my mind…) with accents in pulled-from-nature hues (taupe, greens, blues) which I’m hoping will look right at home on our street that is full of very mature trees and is very, well, leaf-y and tree-y.  The patio set pictured is from Target, as are the pillows; the rug is from Ballard.  The plants are in there just to remind me to plant some things this year.  I hope soon we can get started on our little deck/patio transformation so I can enjoy some quality time with my feet up after all the craziness of a busy job, house renovations, moving, and toddler wrangling.




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