I know everyone has been there–that moment when despite all the planning and organization, you still feel like your home is completely chaotic once you move in to a new home.  Where to do you put the sippy cups?  Where do you stash the extra rolls of paper towels?  Where do you collect dirty laundry?  Nothing has a system yet when you move in.  And while I know this is normal, it is still rather overwhelming that it means living with total chaos for awhile.  Case in point: this is what our living room looked like a few days after moving in.

chaos 1 living room

And our master bedroom:


And our spare bedroom:


Not exactly welcoming, right?  And don’t get me started on the basement you can hardly walk through…

Unfortunately most of the drywall work on our place wasn’t finished until the day before we moved in so we didn’t get a chance to paint pre-move (which had been our plan).  It is so much more difficult to paint once all your stuff has arrived!  But we know that even if everything isn’t totally settled that getting some color up on the walls will help a lot, especially since in some areas the drywall isn’t even primed (like the back hall):

back hall drywall

One thing that has made settling in especially difficult is the fact that pretty much all our our bookshelves were sold with our condo (read more about that here), so we basically have no place to put books and decorative items, so it doesn’t really make sense to unpack those boxes.  DH and I are trying to quickly figure out an inexpensive option to get some additional storage in a few rooms (likely a trip to IKEA…) which will definitely help!

For now, back to the unpacking and figuring out where the heck to store extra paper towels!




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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