Our newly remodeled kitchen included a much-needed mudroom which DH and I are still very excited about.  Like everything in our place right now it is definitely a work in progress.  For example we still need to paint the walls and shelves:

mudroom bench unfinished

But I wanted to share one quick update we did the other day that is already helping tremendously.  We had in the space what I called a “dead” corner–one that I knew we could do something useful with but was currently empty and devoid of purpose.  I had talked to our designer when we were putting together the final plans for the mudroom about doing some kind of built-in cabinet but she insisted it would feel too cramped in the space and recommended we leave it be.  But coming from a tiny condo into a not too much bigger house I didn’t want to waste any prime real estate.  The empty corner is in the mudroom, right next to the kitchen, by the back steps, and near the master bedroom.  I knew this would be the ideal spot of dropping keys and charging our cell phones.  I just needed to find something to make good use of the space.

When we initially moved in we put this tiny circular table (clearly meant to be used with a tablecloth!) in as our catchall space:

mudroom corner beforeBut I had done my homework and had my eye on this little corner guy from

corner cupboard

See where this is going?  Even though the cabinet is not quite as big as I wanted and is technically intended for a bathroom, after extensive searching online I figured out that this really is the only guy out there that would fit the space and look at home with the overall style of our place.  So we measured again (just to be sure) and did some geometry (they only gave the width and depth, so we had to calculate how long it would be against the wall) and ordered it!  According to DH who was on furniture assembly duty the night we assembled it, the assembly was pretty straightforward.  We were both almost giddy with excitement as we slid it into position:

corner cupboard in mudroom 1It really does fit the space nicely and although it is pretty small we have no trouble fitting our cell phone charger and other necessities.  And the drawer and cupboard beneath are great for storing other mudroom essentials we don’t access every day.

I only have two complaints about this little workhorse.  1) The hardware is really small and although I usually like chrome, it seems too bathroom-y or kitchen-y to me, so I plan to find some oil-rubbed bronze pulls to go with hardware I plan to install elsewhere in the room. 2) It is a bit shorter that I’d like–I think it is about 30″ whereas I’d prefer something closer to counter height.  I probably won’t get around to fixing this right away, but eventually I’d like to swap out the dinky bun feet for some more substantial and much higher feet to give it some additional height.

Now for the rest of the unfinished mudroom!




8 thoughts on “Cornered

  1. I am loving your progress! And what a cute little solution to dead space.

    Good luk settling in and getting your new home feeling like home.

  2. So funny! I just bought a double hamper from Home decorator collection (and more substantial feet to give it a boost!) Mine off-gassed FOREVER, but I’m really happy with it. I think you’ll love having the extra storage!

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