Hanging with Billy

I’ve mentioned before that one of our struggles with settling into the new house was that all our bookcases were left behind at our condo as part of the sale and thus we’ve had no place to unpack our books.  We were reluctant to buy new bookcases too soon because we didn’t want to rush into any decisions and we didn’t want to overspend.  So although we thought finding bookcases would be a project we’d put off for awhile, we couldn’t stand all the boxes all around so we decided we had better figure out a solution sooner rather than later!

After lots of measuring and brainstorming, we decided to add bookcases around this window in the family room upstairs:

upstairs with carpet 2

After we made that choice in placement it seemed obvious that that would be the best place to put bookcases, but interestingly neither of us thought of this arrangement until we were in the space.  We wanted to maximize our bookshelf space but minimize cost, so naturally we turned to IKEA.  After extensive measuring and some soul-searching we decided to go with four Billy bookcases – two regular and two narrower ones.  I was hesitant at first to go the Billy route since they are some of the least expensive bookcases available and they can tend to look cheap, but they really were the best fit for the space.  Plus, I’ve also seen some other bloggers do some fabulous things with making Billy look more built-in that I could attempt at some point in the future, like this one from Centsational Girl:

So it was back to IKEA for us (okay, actually this time DH went with my sister, so the ‘us’ here is really ‘them’).  DH was really excited about the project and set to work putting all of the bookshelves together himself and within a few days we had our Billys up and ready for books!

Billys upstairs beforeAfter the first bookshelf was put together I suggested we leave the backs off of the shelves to allow the paint color from the room to show through (you can see the bookcase on the far left in the picture actually still has the white back on it…).  I love the look so much!  It keeps things feeling a bit airier which I think is probably good if I’m adding four new pieces of furniture to the space!  

We still have a ways to go with the room, but we’re at least excited to be able to unpack those boxes onto the shelves and make way for a sofa!  Progress!




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