Silver Marlin

Not too very long ago I posted about how my recent trip to a resort in Mexico perfectly captured the way I wanted our new living room to feel.  This photo I took, in particular, seemed to capture the serenity I was craving for the space:


I had already been leaning toward a color palette like this, but the trip really sealed the deal for me.  After some fairly extensive research (*ahem* searching photos on Pinterest) I decided on a Benjamin Moore color for the walls called Silver Marlin.  I loved the way the color seemed to change dramatically depending on the light from a light gray, to a gray-green, to a deeper green-blue.  I was a bit nervous to paint the entire room without trying samples of it out, but DH also loved the color after holding up the chip in a million places and in different light, so we just went for it!

And, just because it is so fun to recap, here’s what the living room looked like when we bought the house:

original living roomAnd then after the renovations but before painting:

living room after move

And now, after painting the room!

living room silver marlin

DH and I both love love love the color now that it is up, but makes the fact that we’ve yet to tackle painting the trim painfully obvious.  Most of the trim is a rather unfortunate yellow beige color (similar to what we were dealing with in the master bedroom).  We plan to paint all the trim in the room a shade of white that will closely match the cabinets in the kitchen since everything is pretty open.  You can see the color of the cabinets on the back of the built-ins near the fireplace (whereas the mantle is still that yellow-beige color):


In addition to the trim we still need to paint the newly installed crown moldings, although since they came primed white the difference isn’t very noticeable.  We also need to prime and paint some bare wood used to trim out one of the windows in living room (for some reason when that room was last remodeled 40 some years ago the owners removed all the window casings to put up the paneling).  In this pic you can see all three things that need to be painted (not to mention the baseboards…):

CIMG4471DH and I are trying to save money for future projects and so are planning to do all the painting ourselves.  Our contractor jokingly said to me after we moved in “call me when you get tired of painting!”  But we’re taking it one step at a time and prioritizing the painting projects that will have the greatest impact on the overall look and feel of the space, so the window casings are probably up next!

And now that we’ve seen the color and love it so much we’ve decided to go ahead and use the extra paint to cover the bits of walls in the adjoining dining room and kitchen.  I can’t wait!  I think it will have some nice cohesion to the main floor of the house, even though things are still pretty chaotic around here.

Back to the paintbrush!




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